Angela Boehm Casting Making Mark in Cleveland Film

Angela Boehm Casting Studio, Cleveland OH, By Angela Boehm









SOURCE: The CSU Cauldron | Nick Hawks
September 29, 2020

When the film “Cherry” was being made in Cleveland, it required a lot of background actors. The film, directed by the Russo brothers and starred Tom Holland, needed a variety of younger-looking individuals. That’s where Angela Boehm Casting comes in.

“The Russo brothers don’t want to sit down and watch 50 or 100 videos per role, they want to see four or five,” said Angela Boehm, creator of Angela Boehm Casting. “So my job is to go ‘This is the role I have,’ look at everyone’s pictures, then show them [Russo brothers] who their five best options are in Cleveland to play this role.”