A new film highlights Ohio’s historic football firsts | Ideastream

Triangle Park Movie | “Triangle Park” takes audiences back to the early 20th century to explore the beginnings of professional football.








SOURCE: Ideastream | Kendall Crawford
November 22, 2023

Playgrounds and picnic tables dot Triangle Park in Dayton. The unassuming green space is similar to any number of parks in the city and across Ohio: a field of trees, a gravel path, plenty of grass to play on. But Triangle Park played a key role in America’s most popular sport.

In 1920, the Ohio site was home to the first-ever NFL game. A new documentary “Triangle Park” tells the story of the historic face-off between the Dayton Triangles and the Columbus Panhandles. It’s just one of many football firsts that the state can take pride in, said filmmaker Allen Farst.