A special opportunity you don’t want to miss!

If you have attended a Greater Cleveland Film Commission (GCFC) mixer, you know three things.  

  1. They are extremely well-attended events with large numbers of current and aspiring film industry professionals, as well as a few vendors that service local productions.
  2. Mixers are no time to be a wallflower.
  3. They are a blast!  The always popular summer mixer is happening on June 5th at the Music Box from 6 – 9 pm.  Let us know you’re coming by registering here.  

What you may not know is that there is a wonderful opportunity to become a GCFC member.  Starting with the June 5th mixer, the Greater Cleveland Film Commission is rolling out a special film industry professional (production crew, actor, etc.) rate of only $50. (50% off the basic rate) 

Half of the Associate Board at the GCFC Yea-End Media Mixer

The GCFC Associate Board is hosting a special raffle at the Media Mixer for new and renewing members—pre-purchase membership online by noon on June 5th, or in-person at the Media Mixer. Winners will be drawn at the mixer, after GCFC President Bill Garvey’s remarks. Need not be present to win.

Prizes include unique memorabilia like an autographed copy of Tom Hanks’ The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, an autographed replica Willy Wonka Golden Ticket, signed by Charlie Bucket (Peter Ostrum), Mike Teevee (Paris Themmen), Veruca Salt (Julie Dawn Cole), Augustus Gloop (Michael Böllner), and an autographed WILL & GRACE script, signed by Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes, with two t-shirts, size S and XL.

Of course, if you read this blog after the mixer has been held, you can still get the special industry professional rate by clicking the link above, you just won’t be entered in the drawing on June 5th.  Any way the cut goes, you are a winner.

So why become a member you ask?  Here are a few good reasons (ROI) to invest in a GCFC membership:

  • As an industry professional, you would be supporting the organization responsible for bringing productions to NE Ohio, for which many of you are currently, have had, or will have, an opportunity to work on.  These things don’t magically happen by themselves.  GCFC puts a lot of time and resources into ensuring films come to our area to be shot, and that locals get trained and hired.   
  • Not only is an investment good for you as an individual film industry professional, but it is also good for our local community.  For example, the movie White Noise which shot in NE Ohio in 2021 brought in nearly $107 million in direct spend with 256 vendors, hired 921 crew, 3000 background actors, and yielded 36,000 hotel room nights.  This year, the Greater Cleveland Film Commission has already been responsible for booking $147 million in projects which qualified for the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit.  Meaning more jobs and economic impact take place here at home.
  • GCFC is a 501c3 workforce & economic development non-government organization bringing jobs and economic impact to NE Ohio.  Although these visiting productions, along with the local filmmaking community, can avail themselves of our staff, database of vendors, locations catalog, and local crew base database gratis, GCFC receives no portion of the generated revenue mentioned above.  We rely on the generosity of civic, municipal, corporate, foundation, and individual supporters like you.  With more exciting projects on the horizon, and those already shooting in 2024, GCFC especially needs to grow staff capacity to optimally respond to the increased demand we are experiencing.  
  • Finally, it is cool to be a member of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, and the right thing to do.  GCFC membership means that you also will have access to a growing catalog of swag, advance movie screenings, and much more!

You can sign up at the June 5th mixer or better yet, sign up today!

Happy Pride Month and thank you in advance for your investment, see you at the Music Box on June 5th!


Chief Diversity Officer, VP Corporate & Community Engagement