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Permitting Process – Overview

It is recommended that you submit permit applications well in advance of your proposed shooting date, as processing time for permits varies based on season, street, and project. Approval for complete road closures typically takes at least two weeks. Approval for simple construction generally takes 3-5 business days.

You will need to include a site plan with any film permit application. Site plans usually include a map and a brief description of planned maneuvers, special effects, and company moves for the proposed location. When preparing a site plan, we recommend using satellite images and reference pictures whenever available.

Once approved, the production company will need to submit all applicable fees to the city center via either telephone or in person. The address for the city, unless otherwise indicated is 601 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114.

Street/Sidewalk Obstruction Permit:

You will need this application if you will be staging equipment, sets or parking trucks or staging areas in such a way that public access to streets or sidewalks will be restricted for any period of time (even in cases of intermittent traffic control.)

This application is to be completed by a production company’s representative, then submitted to the Production Coordinator at The Greater Cleveland Film Commission (GCFC), who forwards it to the Department of Traffic Engineering and Public Services for the City of Cleveland to review.

If “No Parking” signs must be posted, approval typically takes one business week because signs will need to be hung 72 hours in advance. “No Parking” signs can be obtained from the City of Cleveland.

Special Events Permit:

You will need this application if your shoot will require the use of city parks and city property (including the exterior of publicly-owned buildings).

The production company representative completes the application and submits it to the Production Coordinator at the GCFC, who will forward it to the Office of Special Events.

Be sure to include an insurance certificate naming the City of Cleveland as additional insured. The address for the city, unless otherwise told is 500 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114.  Special event permits are typically granted within five business days.

Cuyahoga County

Please direct all inquiries to the Production Coordinator at the GCFC.


Please direct all inquiries to the Production Coordinator at the GCFC.

Private Property Filming

Production liability insurance to name the owner as additional insured is recommended even for productions filmed on private property. Most businesses will require the insurance and it is advised that all property owners request proof of it.

Other Cities and Towns

If contact information for the city or town of interest is not displayed, please contact the city’s mayor’s office. The mayor or the assistant will usually be able to provide the information for the appropriate contact. Any further questions should be directed to the Production Coordinator at the GCFC.


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