Working with a Colorist for Your Film or Commercial Project

Cleveland Camera Rental is hosting a 4-hour colorist workshop on Saturday, September 23.

Brandon Jones, a professional colorist, will cover the following topics during this four hour workshop.

  • Building a custom Creative LUT in pre-production to be used both on-set and in post.
  • Collaborating with your client. How we can communicate your vision for your desired color beginning in pre-production.
  • Collaborating with your editor. How to ensure that your color is embedded before the color grade begins.
  • Preparing your files – What your colorist requires
  • Being apart of the post-color process as a DP (something traditionally reserved for the director and client only).
  • The approach we take when doing a grade. Building in your primaries with shot-to-shot consistency and overall visual flow.
  • Going beyond the Look with secondaries. Dialing in skin tones, power windows, and preserving your client’s brand colors.
  • The importance of compression, codecs, and sensor types with popular cameras in our industry, from ARRI to GoPros.
  • How to expose correctly on-set for the best image possible in post.
  • Knowing the limitations of what can be done in post and how you can avoid common pitfalls on-set
  • Bonus (time permitting)- Shooting day-for-night, or any other time of day, and communicating that vision visually on-set.


Saturday, September 23rd, 2023
8:30 am

Cleveland Camera Rental
1419 E. 40th St.
Cleveland, OH 44103

Cost: $40