25 Hill

Set in the small oil town of Taft, California, 12 year-old Trey Caldwell (NATHTAN GAMBLE) received a gift from his father for Christmas — a Soap Box Derby car kit. Before they can finish the car, Trey’s dad, an Army Reservist is called to duty in Afghanistan and killed. Trey is left with his mom, the unfinished car and a dream that is all but dead. His teacher puts him together with a friend, Roy Gibbs, a local Fire Chief (CORBIN BERNSEN) who himself has suffered a great tragedy when his son, a firefighter in New York, was killed on 9/11. In a story of redemption and faith, Trey and Roy embark on a journey of building a soapbox car to compete in the derby. Along the way, they form a strong friendship and learn that together, they can mend old wounds and accomplish more than they could ever imagine.