The United States of Horror Wants Your Short Film

The United States of Horror project wants your Ohio-themed Horror short film!

Dystopian Films is making a feature film out of a series of short films. The theme of the Anthology is the various states within the USA, and each story should look and feel like the state they are coming from.

Inspired by a recent article about the diverse film production landscape of the USA that was summarized in a map of famous horror movies from around the states, Dystopian Films wants to fill a similar map with Horror short films to make one epic masterpiece of Horror Anthology.

Dystopian Films is planning to release the Anthology as a Part 1, 2 and 3 across 3 DVDs


  1. Location If the setting is Cleveland, Ohio, it needs to FEEL like you’re in Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. State Symbol Include a state symbol in your short. This can be the state fish, the state flower, state flag, state song, etc; anything that geo-locks your story to your state. See symbol examples HERE.
  3. Subject Matter  Your short can be about anything other than the coronavirus lockdown; that’s real-life horror, and no one wants that.

Reserve your spot for production soon, space is limited. You will have 30 days to shoot/edit/score your segment and deliver to Dystopian Films from November 19, 2020.


Want to feature your Horror short film?  Contact [email protected] and include:

  1. Who you are, any reference work they can see.
  2. Which state you’d like to make a horror segment from.
  3. And a brief of your idea.

Simon Phillips, actor/producer at Dystopian Films, will contact you to get the ball rolling.


In order to ensure a good workflow and consistent feel, the following universal technical specifications are required for ALL shooting segments:

  • SONY SLOG2 – Shot at exposure, not plus one or two stops.
    • 4096 x 2160 RESOLUTION
    • 23.98 FPS
  • Audio Format:
    • Ch 1 = Left Front @ +20
    • Ch 2 = Right Front @ +20
    • Ch 3 = Center @ +20
    • Ch 4 = LFE @ +20
    • Ch 5 = Left Surround @ +20
    • Ch 6 = Right Surround @ +10
    • Ch 7 & 8 = Stereo English Lt/Rt @ +14db
    • Ch 9 & 10 = Stereo M&E Lt/Rt @ 14 db (must be fully filled mix)

Preferred delivery methods are Dropbox, G Drive or WeTransfer linksOnce your film has been compeleted, send an email and you will receive an email from the project Editor, Connor, who manages the workflow of the technical delivery.

At that time, they will also need your credits and a signed non-exclusive access agreement to be able to show your work within the feature film format combined with the other films. Without this, they cannot include your work. They also required credits in an Excel format. Please do not add your credits (opening or closing) to the segment you submit; Dystopian Films will be doing that at the main end credits.

Music clearance will also be required for legal submission (please only use music you have the rights for).

Other important style notes:

  1. Must be in color (no black and white)
  2. No subtitles or burnt in text
  3. Must be in English to keep consistency across the whole movie.


  • 5 FREE DVD’s of the completed film.
  • All fo the support and exposure Dystopian Films can give you!
  • Invitation to the Launch Party in October 2021, which will be a New York City event.

To learn more, visit this project’s Indiegogo Campaign, or email Simon at [email protected].