Filmmaker Needed to Document ‘Emoh’ Performance/Exhibition

Proposal for Filmmaker/Artist Collaboration

I am a local artist who has created an eight-foot diameter, live-in spherical sculpture from scraps reclaimed from demolished homes. It is called Emoh (Home spelled backward.) I have lived in it touring several major cities, as a performance/exhibition, confronting homelessness. It was featured in an Emmy Award-winning video done by Brent Ashcroft and presented by USA Today.

As you know, our border in Mexico is a huge issue with thousands of homeless people, trying to find homes in our land. I would like to bring my sculpture on its trailer and see the situation with my own eyes. I want to converse with people associated or living near this area of turmoil, border patrol, local residents, the homeless themselves, children in cages and immigrants.

I intend to collaborate with a creative filmmaker(s) who would document this trip creating their own film in any manner they wish. There is much room for collaboration, non-collaboration, and creative ideas.

Essentially, it would be a 6 or 7-day road trip; 2 days there and 2 days back with stops in cities along the way. I will be sleeping inside my sculpture and would pay for gas, hotel accommodations and food for the trip.

Please contact me to discuss your thoughts on this project, perhaps over coffee or a beer!

~ Loren Naji

Contact Info:
[email protected]
Facebook:  Loren Naji
Google:  Loren Naji