Disney Launchpad Seeking Diverse Writers & Directors

Providing a platform for diverse writers and directors to create short films for Disney+.

The Disney Launchpad Shorts Incubator returns for Season II with exciting new changes!

For the first time ever, writers will be eligible to apply for the program as well as directors. This means you can apply as a writer, writer/director, a director with a script someone else wrote (so as a team), or as a director. You can only apply once in either of these categories. Check out the FAQ to learn how teams will be formed.

As Disney narratively focus on the theme of “Connection”, a timely idea with unlimited interpretations, they will continue their mission to empower filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds with diverse perspectives, expose them to the studio system, and deliver up to six (6) original, live-action shorts for proposed initial exhibition on Disney+.


Applications will open May 10th and close on June 11th, with the program start in December of 2021.



  • Disney will not provide travel, housing, and transportation arrangements during the Launchpad. It is up to the participant to arrange living accommodations.
  • If you are a director chose for the Launchpad you must reside in Southern California for the duration of the Launchpad. If you relocate to Southern California for the Launchpad, the small living stipend should be put towards this use. Writers have the option to relocate but this is not mandatory. If a writer chooses to relocate they will be offered a stipend.
  • You must attend:
    • All classes, which will be held on weeknights once or twice per week, are scheduled to take place after normal work hours (7 pm to 10 pm PT) on the Disney studio lot in Burbank, CA. In addition, there will be one (1) Saturday class from 9 am to 5 pm PT at the American Film Institute campus in Los Angeles or virtually if otherwise noted. As written above, writers participating in the program will be required to attempt relevant classes.
    • Script development meetings (times to be coordinated around your and your mentors’ work schedules).
    • Directors must be available on a full time, first priority basis to the Launchpad for the entire duration of principal photography which can take place anytime during the week, including weekends, depending on the budget and production schedule. Writers will not be required to be available during principal photography but are encouraged.
    • Pre-production (up to eight (8) weeks) and post-production (up to eight (8) weeks) may be scheduled after normal work hours or on weekends.

Learn more at the Disney Launchpad website