Cuyahoga Community College Now Hiring

Cuyahoga Community College is now hiring a Media Engineering & Audio/Visual Services Engineer.

Manager, Media Engineering & Audio/Visual Services

Location: Metropolitan Campus

The manager oversees and manages the organization, administration, planning, development and general effectiveness of the Media Engineering & Audio/Video Services Unit. This position provides effective technical leadership and direction for operational planning and administration of specifications, design, installation and maintenance of college-wide A/V systems and events.


  • Hires, manages and conducts performance evaluations of support staff to ensure consistent, effective and efficient media engineering services
  • Provides hands-on technical support for design, installation and maintenance of the media technology in classrooms, labs, lecture halls, conference rooms and other media related systems college-wide
  • Provides technical expertise to the college’s capital construction team by providing various system designs specific to college A/V project requirements
  • Provides the technical expertise and professionalism required to support large scale live events for internal and external customers
  • Manage and oversee the operation and maintenance of the college’s digital video remote production vehicle
  • Installs, maintains and repairs the college’s television production equipment, systems and studios
  • Serves as engineer-in-charge of the department’s production truck and portable studio operations
  • Provides technical support for the transmission of programming for internet streaming and other distribution methods
  • Develops project timelines, coordinates staff and project outcomes, presentation technologies, and electronic-based media systems
  • Advises and works with the Executive Director of Television & Video Services to manage the coordination and completion of media engineering services & projects
  • Performs other related duties as assigned


Project Manager, Multimedia Productions

Location: Metropolitan Campus

This position will be responsible for capturing multi-media content at various events and/or activities to document and produce high-quality programming, that will be distributed through various platforms to inform, entertain, and educate internal and external audiences about the college.


  • Captures professional photographs and/or video in various locations (meetings, presentations, luncheons, events, etc.)
  • Collects and organizes images and/or video footage for use in stories
  • Writes, records and edits short and long format narratives for photo and/or video stories
  • Conducts research to identify topics of interest to internal and external audiences
  • Conducts interviews with newsmakers, experts, and other sources to gather information for stories
  • Confidentially and discreetly handles subject matter requiring privacy and sensitivity