Meet the Intern: Tempest Brown

Greetings, my name is Tempest Brown and I am a recent graduate of Cuyahoga Community College. The reason I am interested in an internship with the Greater Cleveland Film Commission is that I want to be around creative individuals who will educate me about the filmmaking process and to be introduced to people in the industry.

One of the opportunities I am looking forward to learning from this internship is how to scout locations. It should be interesting to learn what to look for when you are preparing to view a neighborhood and environment. How many pictures should be taken at the location? What questions should you ask the owner? If there is no owner, where do you get permission to use that location? What equipment should be taken with you?

One of my hobbies is that I walk for a cause. I look for a purpose and I sign up. It is one of the many ways that I try to pay it forward. I have walked for homelessness, heart disease, health and fitness, education, cancer, and community outreach, just to name a few. It keeps you healthy and it is a great way to give back. I would walk for the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit if we had a team!

What I hope to get from this internship is a working knowledge of the film industry. I would like to meet the people who are involved in the creative process to see what makes them tick. Also, I want to learn all the different software packages and databases used to complete the project.

I would also like to support the economic growth of Cleveland through music, theater, and film. Cleveland could become one of the biggest media industries in the world.