Jon Sherman’s ‘They/Them/Us’ among first features to complete production during COVID-19 pandemic

Amy Hargreaves and Joey Slotnick play parents to a blended family of teenagers in They/Them/Us







SOURCE: Midwest Movie Maker | Tom Tennant
December 11, 2020

For filmmakers large and small, summer 2020 was a season fraught with worry. How would creators and crew get back behind – and in front – of the camera? And when would they be able to? 

The answer came in mid-June, as the film industry adopted strict COVID guidelines built to protect both above- and below-the-line creatives. Closed sets with no visitors, limited shoot hours, specific production office setup, tiered zones or bubbles for cast and crew, regular testing, and more. They even included a new position – health supervisor – whose decisions could not be overruled.

 They/Them/Us was one of the first feature films to embrace the guidelines and go into production. The film, directed by Jon Sherman, associate professor of film, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, and co-written with Melissa Vogley Woods, was shot in and around Columbus in August 2020.