Cleveland Italian Film Festival | Sept. 14 – 28

The 16th Annual Cleveland Italian Film Festival will take place September 14 – 28.


ALL FILMS are Thursdays at 7:30 pm – Tickets $12

  • SEPT. 14 – Cedar Lee Theater – 2163 Lee Rd. Cleveland Hts. OH 44118 –
  • SEPT. 21- Atlas Cinemas Eastgate 10 – Eastgate Shopping Center – 1345 Som Center Rd., Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
  • SEPT. 28 – Atlas Cinemas Eastgate 10 – Eastgate Shopping Center – 1345 Som Center Rd., Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

For further questions please call: 216. 456. 8117

SEPT. 14 ” GLI ANNI PIU BELLI” – Cedar Lee Theater- DRAMA/COMEDY 12 Nominations Best Actress, Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Editing,

Nominated for Italy’s Oscar, the David di Donatello for Best Actress and directed by well-known Italian Director Gabriele Muccino, Gli Anni Piu Belli is a wonderful saga of friendships spanning over 40 years in the lives of four friends, Giulio, Gemma, Paolo e Riccardo and their loves aspirations, success and failures seen through their eyes and the girl they all fall for at one point in their lives.

SEPT. 21 ” TULIPANI – Love, Honour & A Bicycle “ Atlas Cinemas Eastgate COMEDY/DRAMA – 8 Wins and 13 Nominations

“Tulipani” tells the story of a romantic Dutch farmer who after losing his farm during the floods of 1953 is determined to never have wet socks again. He bicycles to the region of Puglia in southern Italy to start a new life. Due to his fairylike and miraculous tulip trade and his passionate love-life, he becomes a living legend. This humorous and touching film is designed to weave an enchantment around the viewer, where facts mean less than honoring the past, and love and beauty are the only truths that matter.

SEPT. 28 ” BENVENUTI AL SUD” Atlas Cinemas Eastgate – COMEDY 5 Wins 29 nominations

Alberto, the manager of a Post Office in a small town in northwest Italy, is under pressure from his wife Silvia and will do anything to get a transfer to the major city of Milano, even going so far as to pretend he is disabled to get higher up on the transfer list.

But this trick doesn’t work – and as a punishment he is transferred to postal purgatory, a small town in the southern Campania region, which for a person from the north, is a real nightmare. Full of prejudice, Alberto arrives to what he considers the land of lazy, disorganized southerners. But, to his surprise, he finds a fascinating place, with friendly colleagues and very hospitable people along with a new best friend, the postman, who will help to win the heart of the beautiful Maria. The problem is, however, how does he tell his wife Silvia?