Center for ADA Virtual One-Act Play Festival

The Center for Applied Drama and Autism is excited to present an accessible, inclusive, virtual, original play festival!

Last summer, the Center for Applied Drama and Autism sought out original, one-act scripts written by playwrights on the autism spectrum or who have other physical or developmental disabilities. We received submissions from all over the world and are excited to present them to you, virtually, throughout Summer 2021. One of the winning playwrights is not disabled but is intimately connected to the community, and all of the performances are inclusive, with directors and actors of all ages and abilities. Each play will be available for the scheduled Saturday and Sunday, with a reception on Sunday night with the director, playwright(s), and cast. Then, at the end of the entire run, all videos will become available on YouTube.

CADA is committed to making its productions as accessible as possible, and will be including with ASL interpretation, closed-captioning, and visual description whenever possible.


Now – August 14, 2021


Tickets for the virtual festival start at $1. Click HERE to pick the date and order tickets.


The Journey
A fable about connecting and communicating with a young autistic boy.

Written by: Linish Balan
Directed by: Wendy Duke
Performance Availability: June 18 – 20

A disabled vet reconnects with his high school buddy at a critical point in both their lives.

Written by:  Sue Leamy-Kies
Directed by:  Cleo DeOrio
Performance Availability:  July 2 – 4

The Bookstore of Doom
A sci-fi thriller set in a bookstore of the future!

Written by: Samir J. Hammoud
Directed by: Camila Kann
Performance Availability: July 9 -11

The Dinner Party
A classic murder mystery featuring rival detectives and a mysterious host!

Written by: Sid Kranz
Directed by: Carolina Ordonez
Performance Availabilty: July 16 – 18

The Case of the Missing Jewelry
An anniversary celebration turns into a mystery at the jewelry store!

Written by: Griffin Snider
Directed by: Jordan Euell
Performance Availability: July 30 – August 1

More Than Meets The Eye
An inclusive film project in London that provides opportunities and romance for the participants.

Written by: Markia Carter, Vernita Paige, William Branch, Kathleen Archibald, Frank Ortiz, JR Trinidad, Carmen Santos, Angel Navarro and Jeffrey Rodriguez
Directed by: Fran Sillau
Performance Availability: August 13 – 15